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IMG_9850John CiannehPMC

IMG_9850John CiannehPMC


All pre-made cover art is to be purchased as is. No revisions such as hair color, background, etc. will be made except for font style, title, author name and tagline.

Once a cover is purchased, it will be removed from Royal Touch Photography website and not used again. Original Royal Touch Photography image will be available to download to your computer with purchase. Royal Touch will be contacting you for cover information.


You will receive specified sizes for uploading to all publishing platforms, including kindle and a 3D book cover. For a full wrap paperback cover for an additional $25.


If you are starting a series please feel free to reach out about a bigger design idea. Logos may be available for purchase.


All sales are final, due to the exclusivity of the image. Original image will be yours and similar poses/images will also be taken down.


Image 3000 x 4500 Large format


Premium images include those models with over 500K in social media followings that will add and promote your book in thanks for having them on the cover.


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